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                                Real Estate Law

                                Commercial, Residential, and Business; Contract Preparation and Review; Deed Preparation, including Life Estate Deeds.



                               Real Estate Closing

                               Contract preparation and review. Representation of the Buyer or Seller at a Closing.



                               Wills & Trusts

                               A Will is a written document controlling the disposition of property at death, generally through a court Probate process.

                               A Trust is a written document created to manage your assets during your lifetime and distribute the remaining assets after your death.  

                               It also designates who will be in charge of your affairs (the "Trustee").  A primary benefit of a Trust, is that the Trustee may act without the need for court supervision.  

                              A meeting with the attorney to discuss your assets, needs, and desires, will result in a decision of which Estate Planning tool best suits you.



                              Power of Attorney

                              A document wherein you designate a party or parties to have the authority to act on your behalf while you are alive.  

                             Clients often choose to have this prepared at the same time we prepare their Will or Trust, as part of their overall Estate Planning.



                             Living Will

                             A written document that makes your life prolonging medical treatment wishes known.  

                            We discuss this with clients often when they request us to prepare their Will or Trust, as part of their total Estate Planning.  

                            Clients often request this document prior to a known hospitalization, if they do not already have one.




                            A court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, paying their debts with non-exempt assets,

                            and distributing their assets to his or her beneficiaries according to their will or the laws of Florida, if there was not a Will or Trust. 

                           We can easily work with local and out-of-state heirs to take care of the court filings needed in Florida.

                           We also represent heirs in Ancillary Probate proceedings when the primary probatee occurred out-of-state, but the decedent owned real property in Florida.




                           A contractual document that calls for the user (lessee) to pay the owner (lessor) for use of an asset.  

                           Residential and Commercial leases can be prepared for Landlords to rent to a Tenant.  

                           These documents can also be reviewed on behalf of either party, prior to it's signing and changes can be negotiated, if needed.





                          A way of dealing with your debt and stopping collection efforts, including harassing phone calls and lawsuits.  

                         There are two types of Consumer Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Liquidation and Chapter 13 Reorganization.  

                         Depending on the types of debt you have, your assets, and your intentions, one may be more favorable than the other.  

                         Our firm offers a FREE Bankruptcy Consultation where potential clients can discuss their specific situation and together we can explore what type of bankruptcy is a good option for them.



                         We are a law firm designated as a Federal Debt Relief Agency by an Act of Congress and the President of the United States.
                         We assist people using the Bankruptcy Court
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